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Back to Normal

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Well, everything on my end is back to normal. In fact, I'm at work now. I got a job retouching photos for a local photographer. Its pretty fun. I get to spend all day making people look younger, more beautiful and slightly frothy (yaaay photoshop filters!). Also, my bosses are pretty chill so they leave me here alone alot. (like noooow). Look what I do without supervision! Yay! I don't feel bad because I spent my whole lunch break touching up some girl's senior photos. THIS is my lunch break. Don't you feel special?

In other news, THERE is no news. Just boyfriend troubles, although I did get a small victory last night. The boyfriend has this bad (asshole) habit of just not calling me. I'll call him, he won't answer then he won't call me back till the NEXT evening. Maybe not a big deal but it happens all the time. I however, ALWAYS call him back. So yesterday he calls me and for the first time in the whole two years we've been dating, I don't call him back. Then, MAGICALLY, he calls me again in the evening, and leaves a worried sounding voice mail that is slightly romantic in content. WHAT?! I guess the way to knock sense into the boy is to treat him like he treats me. *Glowers*

Anyway, work time. Bah.
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On September 22nd, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC), superskittles76 commented:
I guess the way to knock sense into the boy is to treat him like he treats me

LOL OF COURSE IT IS. I can't believe it took you this long to figure that out :P
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