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One Very Lonely Marauder

Goddess Divine (ye-eah)
11 August 1986
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I just got this for absolutely non normal live journal purposes. Do not ask what they are...for they are so diverse and so complicated that just trying to comprehend my reasoning would cause your head to asplode. Trust me. I would also like to extend to you random bits about me: I adore red heads, I like brussel sprouts, guys with glasses are the hottest thing ever created, consistent noises make me twitch, I hate people who chew on ice, people who wear my hats will die soon after as I will tackle them to the ground, wrench the hat of their head, and disinfect it with eight different sorts of cleaners, I like my feet but no one elses, I like to draw hands, boys are better in fiction than they are in real life, I'm a closet Britney fan, I have chuck taylors in four different colors, I'm more loyal to my state than I am to my country, shy people freak me out, I think Uma Thurman has the ugliest appendages of any human ever born, my style changes every day and is usually effected by my current music mood, and I will never hesitate to insert some retort about life, be it sarcastic, witty, or completely retarded, at every interval of life.

I'm George Weasley @ HPblogs