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So, its been awhile eh? I'm sorry I suck.

News. Crazy co-worker FINALLY quit and we have a new law clerk now. She seems nice, fi a bit serious, and the overly dramatic vibe of the office has definitely gone away.

I got a second job, which is kind of concerning, as I already work forty hours a week and am doing school part time. But I NEED MONEY, so therefore, i am now hocking expensive jeans at Buckle as well as slaving under a lawyer. Wish me luck.

I've become adjusted to this town, not in any healthy way, but in a "these people are ignorant and being around them will only make me dumber" hermit-esque kind of way. I stay home a lot and am taking this time in my singleness to get all in shape and tan and what not.

Note: I am pale as the moon and have yet to get tan, despite several hours in the sun. I think my skin might repell it.

Also, am planning a trip to Central Europe in about a year ( a year because I'll be done with school and all parties involved will be able to save up the funds by then ). So any suggestions or tips would be apprectiated. The destinations are Frankfurt, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, Vienna and Strasbourg (sp?!) Austria, and Prague, Czech Republic. So gimme info!
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On June 3rd, 2009 11:21 pm (UTC), lepapillon commented:
Definitely go to Prague! no tips but it's just beautiful and like an underappreciated gem of Europe.
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