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So I'm a Ravenclaw.


Username is HeartQuaffle5163

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Oh my God. OH MY GOD. If you can't lay it all out on LJ, where can you lay it all out?

Lets start this off with the backstory shall we? In December I started "dating" an old acquaintance of mine I'd reconnected with via facebook and e-mail. We'd known eachother during school and he has since moved to DC. So "dating" is a very loose term. We saw eachother once a month or some times once every two weeks. By mid March we'd been on THREE dates.

Something about me. I'm a very independent person. I like confident men who can stand on their own. This leads me to sometimes dating the occasional asshole. So when this guy came along, I was fresh out of a thing with a REALLY big asshole. This guy was more sensitive, more romantic,not at all my type. But he was smart, funny and pretty unique, if not exactly...an adonis. If you get my drift. But whatever! I am above looks! Right?!

Wrong. It took me to about midway date three (a month and a half after this whole thing started) to realize that no matter what, I just basically wasn't attracted to the dude. So I decide that the next time he is in town (for work, not to visit me, although we did have plans) I would do the right thing and tell him to his face that it just wasn't going to work out.

IT WENT TERRIBLY. We were never in a relationship, but he reacted like we were engaged and I left him the night before the wedding. It was a five hour ordeal of him acting like a child, being petulant and saying things like "When we kissed, I felt it down to my toes" and "I took a risk with you because I liked you that much." He also eluded that I was making a fool of him because he'd gotten a swank hotel room and that I wouldn't be staying there with him now. The kind of things I don't think you're supposed to say really. And if possible, they turned me off even more. So finally, after giving him a check for $220 dollars (for my half of a play we went to that night, which he made us leave at intermission because he was still "SO PISSED") and for my Peru deposit (oh yeah, this is the guy I was going to visit in DC and go to Peru with)), I got to go home after the most hellish breakup of my LIFE.

So he calls me a few days later, saying he felt led on but he still wants to be friends and still wants DC and Peru to happen. I tell him I will think about the trips because honestly I have my doubts about their success now.

So finally a week later I write him an e-mail ( 1) because an e-mail because he is a woman who likes to discuss his feelings and I was trying to avoid ANOTHER long drawn out conversation about emotions and 2) because I did the right thing with the "break up" instead of calling like I wanted to and totally PAID FOR IT in awkwardness overload) telling him that I won't be coming to DC and won't be going to Peru. That I will just eat my trip deposit and go another time. Also, I feel like I should note that he bought the plane ticket to DC. With frequent flier miles. That were about to expire. Keep that in mind.

So today I get an e-mail back. First he reprimanded me for my "Discourteous" e-mail rather than a phone call then said he expected to be repaid for the plane ticket because he used his miles. Am I completely out of line for thinking that is TACKY as all hell!? And I feel I should also mention that I paid for almost every meal while we were together. Being a polite southern lady I FULLY expect ment to pay, at least for the first few dates, but as taught, I always OFFER and men NEVER ACCEPT. Except...for this guy. So I've been the man in the relationship the whole time and now he wants me to reimburse him $200.00 for a plane ticket that he didn't even pay for.

FUCK dating, y'all. FUCK IT.
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Yeah, still here. Sorry for my unbelieveably long absence.

So whats new with me? I have one month till my last tuition payment. I bought a new car. I'm waiting on my expedited passport! Expedited why? So I can book my permit (five months in advance) for the Inca Trail! I got a big enough tax return that my plane ticket to Peru is PAID for!

2010 is shaping up to be an awesome year for Ashley. I head off to Louisiana for a traditional cajun Mardi Gras this weekend (throwing chickens anyone?!). I pay my last tuition installment at the beginning of March and subsequently get to quit my second job, which then enables me to start up dancing again. At the end of March I'm flying to Washington DC for the cherry blossom festival. I finish school at the end of June and at the end of July fly to San Francisco for my graduation and a job festival, wherein I will shove my demo reel and portfolio at every recruiter I see. Then, August 6 I will board a plane for Peru for a twenty seven mile trek from Cuzco to Machu Picchu. I will eat some ceviche and maybe even some guinea pig (yeah, seriously), drink some coca tea and have a blast. Then its back home to start the serious job hunt. Then maybe, just maybe, my life will actually start and this purgatory stint in Texas will be OVER.


In not so great news, I am recovering from a serious flu. A flu so serious that in my multiple coughing fits, I managed to pull the muscles along the side of my rib cage. It is seriously one of my most painful injuries. It hurts to do ANYTHING. Argh. And everytime I cough or sneeze I feel like I just might DIE.

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So, its been awhile eh? I'm sorry I suck.

News. Crazy co-worker FINALLY quit and we have a new law clerk now. She seems nice, fi a bit serious, and the overly dramatic vibe of the office has definitely gone away.

I got a second job, which is kind of concerning, as I already work forty hours a week and am doing school part time. But I NEED MONEY, so therefore, i am now hocking expensive jeans at Buckle as well as slaving under a lawyer. Wish me luck.

I've become adjusted to this town, not in any healthy way, but in a "these people are ignorant and being around them will only make me dumber" hermit-esque kind of way. I stay home a lot and am taking this time in my singleness to get all in shape and tan and what not.

Note: I am pale as the moon and have yet to get tan, despite several hours in the sun. I think my skin might repell it.

Also, am planning a trip to Central Europe in about a year ( a year because I'll be done with school and all parties involved will be able to save up the funds by then ). So any suggestions or tips would be apprectiated. The destinations are Frankfurt, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, Vienna and Strasbourg (sp?!) Austria, and Prague, Czech Republic. So gimme info!
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I haven't posted since I got a twitter. Whoops.

Whatever, Twitter doesn't make me feel guilty and I like to twitter and its only a sentence and more people see it and tell me how awesome I am. AHee. Which I lurve. Because I am narcissistic.

Anywho. I'm sorry, lj-ers. Although I surpremely doubt you care all that much. (ah, with the biggest ego comes the most crippling self doubt).

Seriously though, I'm only posting to share this:


Follow the Swine Flu Pandemic with GoogleMaps! Brings the terror of widespread disease to a visual front. Hooray!
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So I caved and got a twitter. Texas_ashley. watch me or die. Also, comment with your twitter names...I'm not searching for your twitter posts to find them. Come to me!
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I AM SO EXCITED! We leave for New Orleans the day after tomorrow! EAAUGHGAHGAH!

And we've managed to keep the guest list (i.e. people who will be sleeping on FLOORS) down to people who don't suck so hard (and by don't suck so hard...I don't mean that they are people I like...I mean that they're people that when drunk, are fun to party with). Plus, I'm pretty sure that there will be at least one brain dead (because of hair bleach, no doubt) blonde sorority girl there (like...seriously...she actually POSED for a picture (clothed to her credit) of herself being like banged by seven guys...really!?) who will be the brunt of our endless jokes. And I doubt she's smart enough to defend herself. BWA HA! Fun. Drunken boozy fun.

But seriously. Our hotel is on two of the big parade routes and we're literally three blocks from Bourbon street. No driving anywhere. It'll be three days of AWESOME! Followed by a week long hangover no doubt.

The only thorn in my side is that we extended a multitude of invitations to people who really DON'T SUCK...like they rock pretty hard. And they are pulling the worst excuse ever...They are going to Mardi Gras in Port Arthur...Texas. They are giving up a FREE stay in a five star hotel in the french quarter of NEW ORLEANS...to...party it up...in...refinery town usa. SERIOUSLY?

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SOOOooo i just got a scam phone call. It makes me so angry. This guy called and said he was from the yellow pages and needed to confirm the information. He gave me the address of the place I worked, phone number, fax number, etc and I was like hrrmm this seems legit. All I had to do was confirm what he was saying. THEN he starts asking for my name, my birthdate. I was starting to get concernicus, then he starts rambling on about charges and I hung up. URGH. So I look it up and sure enough...yellow pages scam. So. DUMB.

Also, Gossip Girl last night OWNED my soul. I don't know how I can go from GARGH BLAIR to AWW BLAIR to GARGH BLAIR to AWW BLAIR fifty thousand times all in one episode. AND Chuck Bass has my love forever. He is such a shit, but I love him and now...pity him. Which I'm sure Chuck Bass would totally hate. And I heart Blake Lively to death, but "serena's" pouty lip push out she does, drives me insane. Ugh.

ALSO, what is Lily's SECRET?!

Enough fangirling. I have to wait two weeks for the next one.

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Well, everything on my end is back to normal. In fact, I'm at work now. I got a job retouching photos for a local photographer. Its pretty fun. I get to spend all day making people look younger, more beautiful and slightly frothy (yaaay photoshop filters!). Also, my bosses are pretty chill so they leave me here alone alot. (like noooow). Look what I do without supervision! Yay! I don't feel bad because I spent my whole lunch break touching up some girl's senior photos. THIS is my lunch break. Don't you feel special?

In other news, THERE is no news. Just boyfriend troubles, although I did get a small victory last night. The boyfriend has this bad (asshole) habit of just not calling me. I'll call him, he won't answer then he won't call me back till the NEXT evening. Maybe not a big deal but it happens all the time. I however, ALWAYS call him back. So yesterday he calls me and for the first time in the whole two years we've been dating, I don't call him back. Then, MAGICALLY, he calls me again in the evening, and leaves a worried sounding voice mail that is slightly romantic in content. WHAT?! I guess the way to knock sense into the boy is to treat him like he treats me. *Glowers*

Anyway, work time. Bah.
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Alright, am back home for now. Our house is good. Spent all day yesterday picking up the yard. AND, after a week of NO internet in Arkansas, we come home and our wireless is out of whack and the company says it will be TWO weeks before they can send anyone out here. URGH.

So you'll be hearing from me sparingly. *FROWN*

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